Rediscover what’s good.

A 50-acre close-knit community of premium terraces and mid-rise apartments that let you rediscover what's good in life.


Most of us relish our childhood. And most of us would love to see our children grow up learning the same values, living life like how it used to be and create their own life stories from there. The Mulia Residences is all about providing the best possible environment for that to happen. It is the result of looking back to curate what was right back then, and reinterpreting it to suit present day needs.

When fully completed, The Mulia Residences shall comprise of 3-storey premium terrace homes and 3 blocks of premium apartment suites. Take this opportunity to be one of the first to embark on this journey to rediscover what's good.



Explore every floor and what's special about them.

Let us take you through each floor of our premium terrace home and you will rediscover the marvellous and practical thinking behind our unique Nusantara architecture. Click on the play buttons to view each important part of your future home.


The luxury of having
4 car park bays per unit.

All our Premium Terraces have 4 car parks. That's why they're called premium. It is made possible by our unique space planning and desire to facilitate extended family living.


Gated and Guarded
with clubhouse facilities.


Swim in a uniquely-shaped swimming pool that spans the whole length of The Clubhouse. Or work up a sweat at the gym. Or drop by our badminton court. You can even find knick-knacks and fascinating reads at the convenience store on level 1. Beyond just facilities, you are also assured that your family is safe in a gated and guarded strata development.


Central Lake and
tropical greenery -
good for the body and soul.

Enjoy the view of the lake as its cooling breeze flow indoors. Spanning almost the whole development, the lake spreads calm and serenity to everyone touched by it. While jogging and walking pathways around it gently invite you to do something healthy. All under the shades of mature, tropical trees because we are replanting them here, for you to enjoy.


Grow as a community in a close-knit neighbourhood.


Our pathways are punctuated by neighbourly spots we call 'pangkins' (gazebos). These are rest areas where games can be played, stories can be told and advice can be passed down. With all these opportunities to be neighbourly built-in, it may lead you to naturally find reasons to be neighbourly by arranging pot lucks, themed parties and the likes (there's even space to have outdoor cinemas if you want, near our Central Lake).




A neighbourhood for all ages, to meet and learn from each other.

Find out what the neighbourhood has for you. The whole 50 acres is full of interesting spots for the whole family to enjoy. Named after nostalgic games from the past that used to bring people and communities together, our walkways, gardens and neighbourly spots aim to have the same effect to shape The Mulia Residences community.




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