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Dual Entrance Homes
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A 50-Acre Mixed
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The Mulia Residences. Rediscover what’s good.

A 50-acre close-knit community of premium terraces and mid-rise premium apartments that let you rediscover what’s good in life.

Most of us relish our childhood. And most of us would love to see our children grow up learning the same values, living life like how it used to be and create their own life stories from there. The Mulia Residences is all about providing the best possible environment for that to happen. It is the result of looking back to curate what was right back then, and reinterpreting it to suit present day needs.

Premium homes that hark back to the past and designed to suit your future.

Our homes are inspired by the kampung house architecture and its ingenious life-enhancing features. These features, such as optimal air-flow, space planning that promotes interaction, elevated views and many more are reinterpreted to suit contemporary lifestyles. Perfect for those who look forward to meticulously-designed homes to build their own legacy for the future.

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